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Samstag, 29. Januar 2011, 07:04

Fine Tuning The WDN-2000 Firmware

I am sure that many users of these NAS boxes tinker with the stock firmwares for various purposes.

Maybe to fix some annoying bug or to add some extra functionality.

There are some threads in this subforum that touch on this subject, but they are in German and difficult to comprehend for us English speaking folks.

Hence if you have done anything like this and can describe it in English, why not share it here.

To get things started, this snippet from one of the MvBUG members:


One of the worst items i experienced with the mvixbox is that you EITHER have secure shares (login required) OR shared login (public folders).

Of course what I wanted was both:
- The users home folder (r/w)
- Public folder (read only, writable by administrators)

As this is not possible by default i started to investigate how to do this. What i found:
/etc/samba has all the configs, and based on your choice smb.conf.<choice> is activated
There are some files with underscores in them (smb.config.share_<something>), which are the included specific options. The others are the 'basic ones'. Your selectionin the webadmin determines which one gets copied to smb.conf (never change that one, it is overwritten/changes get lost)

What i did: (using terminal, get a VI cheat sheet - you need it (i did)!)
i copied smb.config.share_open to smb.config.share_open_readonly and patched it a bit (changes coming up) and included it in smb.conf.user.

the changes in smb.config.share_open_readonly:
- removed the writable-entry
- added an entry: "read only = yes"
- added an entry: "write list = sysadmin"
(should be @administrators or similar, but this was sufficient atm)

Now in the webadmin: activate 'secure sharing' (you might first have to switch to shared to re-activate) and reboot the box
the smb.config should have the copy of 'smb.conf.user', with the readonly-file included.

Now use windows to browse to your box, login and -tada- a public folder! Writable for sysadmin, read only for the rest!

One of my major issues solved (might be that i use the box from now on).




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Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011, 10:26

Hi Aquar,

THX a lot for this geat post.

Think it´ll be useful 4 others.

Der Mensch ist das wichtigste und kostbarste Peripheriegerät einer Computeranlage.

myStuff: NAS2001+4220(1000Gb-ext3)+Dlink524+KabelD. (120 Mbit)



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Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011, 09:37

Hi Snoopy,

Thank's for that.

I am hoping it will stimulate some input in English.


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