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Dienstag, 19. November 2013, 14:05

unbrick ib-nas4220b

Hi, in the last days I bricked my nas doing opkg upgrade base files with openwrt installed. Now take address but without any open port. I try to charge a new firmware by tftpd impossible, telnet in port 9000, nothing. The only way is with jtag, I prepared all conections with last nas flashtool and worked fine but says cpu isn't in debug mode then I made a shortcut between J1 pin 1 (VCC) and pin 17(dbgrqt) and worked fine I have cpu in debug mode, but now when pass test say CPU differ than expected CPU-ID (567c) CPU-REV 38 obviusly I can't write nothing but I can read boot, I try get boot file and find all bytes to 0. I don't have more ideas, somebody can help me? Thanks in advance.



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Dienstag, 19. November 2013, 17:25

please run the Flashtool with "Verbose Output" set and post the output here.
Maybe there is a small problem with the adapter or cabling.
What adapter are you using?

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